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Protzym forte with 60mg of alpha-chymotrypsin

New and improved formula

USD 58.98

Our high potency proteolytic enzyme formulas contain a mixture of 10 different enzymes as well as other synergistic nutrients to enhance the nutritional benefits of this powerful blend of enzymes. Compare our ingredients with other brands then compare prices. This product is best delivered in tablet form. Since stomach acid is highly destructive to pancreatic enzymes and to most plant source enzymes and since capsules are quickly dissolved in the stomach, the use of capsules with enzymes is a very bad idea. For most nutrients, passing through the stomach does no harm and in some cases is helpful and even necessary, but it is not good for most enzymes. Since capsules cannot be enteric coated, any enzyme formula in a capsule form is likely to be of a greatly diminished value. But beware of the term "enteric coated". An enteric coating is one that is placed over the tablet to protect its contents. However, unless it says " pH sensitive" before enteric coating, you may be getting a simple protein or even vegetable shellac coating. Protein coatings do work to a limited degree, but can be digested by stomach acid, thus exposing enzymes to premature destruction. Sometimes, the protein coat survives the stomach, and unfortunately the duodenum as well, allowing the tablet to pass through the system undigested. We have two high-potency, pH sensitive enteric-coated enzyme formulas. The formulas are similar, with the same with the exception of the amount of a-chymotrypsin content. a-Chymotrypsin is an extremely potent pancreatic enzyme of which much has been written. Its activity is so great that most enzyme formulas on the market only contain 1/2 to 1 milligram. Our Protzym formula contains 60 milligrams of a-chymotrypsin along with the other enzymes and synergistic nutrients.



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